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Who are Frovi ?

Well designed breakout areas can be superbly effective in helping people be more positive and productive. And Frövi makes it all so much more viable and affordable with an innovative furniture range that embodies the art and science of active relaxation. In fact Frövi is the only furniture brand to specialise exclusively in eating and meeting areas. With a vast selection of models and colour options, it means every breakout project can now benefit from the very best in contemporary design and functionality. Contemporary classics Total modernity is encapsulated in every item of Frövi furniture. From its green credentials to its unification of form and function, a carefully chosen Frövi piece will blend effortlessly with any contemporary space, whether in the private or public sector. Frövi doesn't just follow trends, it anticipates them. Which is why Frövi furniture has future-proofing built in. These are contemporary classics, precision built with quality materials from international sustainable sources. The designs will always look fresh and the manufacturing will endure even in high-use areas, which is why every Frövi item comes with a 5 year structural warranty.