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Who are Hille ?

Hille are one of the leading manufacturers in the UK of polypro chairs
1950 saw the emergence of the Hille Stak chair which featured a ply back and seat linked with a laminated spine. An instant success, it was sold into assembly halls, canteens and made under license abroad.
Formed plywood was to become a feature of Robin’s designs for a number of years. Day also introduced the use of steel in the form of tube and rod frames, which were originally bought in from outside companies, until 1957 when Hille opened its own metalwork factory in Haverhill. Numerous designs followed as Hille began its policy of continued development adding ranges in chairs, storage and office products.

In 1972 Hille launched Day’s Series E range which was specifically launched for the education market featuring a range of five heights to suit all age ranges. It was this that really sealed Robin’s designs in the minds and lives of everyone as we will have all, at one time or another, sat on one of Day’s chair designs