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Who are Metalliform ?

They have been making furniture for schools, colleges and universities across the UK for over 60 years. Their highly skilled workforce deliver your vision making each piece of furniture to your order. They offer outstanding flexibility with the largest possible colour choice for tops, shells, frames and edges. They are constantly evolving our range of contemporary products to serve a changing world.
  • Chairs - Comfort in the classroom is as important as style and their range of chairs deliver both. All of their chairs comply to the latest European standards to ensure every child sits with the correct posture in a seat that is the right dimensions for their stature. Strength, durability and stack-a-bility are essential features of our range.
  • Tables - In the modern classroom tables need to be flexible, modular and moveable. And as well as looking fresh and inviting, they must also have the strength to stand up to day to day school use. They have a complete range of styles, sizes, colours, shapes and tops to choose from.
  • Stools - Stools and high chairs are used in more and more school situations - art and craft, design and technology, science, food technology and music rooms. They have many stools and high chairs to match their chairs and tables in a range of appropriate heights to offer comfortable seating when students are working at high benching and tables.
  • Storage - For a premium storage solution that will last for years, look no further than their steel frame tray units and shelving systems. They have tough, rigid steel frames that come fully assembled to accommodate standard school trays of all sizes. They are an active member of the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) and fully comply with the BESA Code of Practice - ensuring quality, safety and value for money. Their products are assessed by the Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA) and fully comply with the latest European standard for classroom furniture BSEN1729 They offer a minimum five year guarantee and selected premium ranges carry 10 and 15 year warranties.