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Who are Origin ?

Origin Furniture is a design oriented company, whose core aims are to design, and develop volume polymer based chairs for contract, educational and residential environments.

The face behind Origin Furniture is Nick Pearson, designer of the POP and LOTUS chairs. Nick started his career in the mid 1980's, when he launched the AMX computer mouse into the developing home computer market; he sold the company to Logitech in 1988 and went onto launch the Logitech brand in the UK. Nick worked in the PC industry for a further 6 years and then became managing director of Gas Injection Ltd which sold equipment and technology for the "Air Moulding" process used in a wide variety of injection moulded parts produced today.

It was during his travels around the world promoting the use of Air Moulding, that Nick became aware that furniture designers were interested in the process for the design and manufacture of contemporary polymer furniture. So that is where the Origin story begins, in 2006 Nick in started to design a range of Air Moulded chairs which resulted in the launch of the POP (2008) and LOTUS chairs (2010).

Nick believes that Origin have an exciting future ahead; we have 3 more, in house designed chair projects in the pipeline.