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Who are Open The Book?

Opening the Book Furniture was set up as Opening the Book Promotions in 2001 by Rachel Van Riel and Helen Thomas, after they worked together on the first national reader-centred promotions in public libraries – Open Ticket, created to showcase literature from round the world for Branching Out and The Mind’s Eye, a promotion of narrative non-fiction for the Public Libraries Group. Open Ticket was an instant hit with hundreds of library service points from across the UK participating. The Mind’s Eye followed a year later, included all Scottish library services and showed that reader-centred approaches could be applied to non-fiction just as much as fiction.

Following this success, Helen and Rachel set up the new company to meet the specific needs of public libraries by bringing together the best of reader development and retail approaches. Rachel had 10 years’ experience of reader development approaches in libraries while Helen brought a wealth of knowledge from previous work as Head of Marketing for Dillons Bookstores as well as library and literature initiatives such as programming Birmingham Young Readers’ festival.