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Willowbrook Education



Who are Willowbrook Education ?

At Willowbrook Education, they only sell what they manufacture their selves at their UK factory, which is why their reputation throughout the education sector for quality and service is second to none.

They only use solid MDF and NOT chipboard and likewise their colour range is a durable, wipe-clean laminate, not easily scratched, chemical spray painting.

Every order is delivered to your door fully assembled, NOT flat pack.

As the manufacturer of the largest range of furniture to the Educational Sector,

Products available include:
Pigeonholes, Kubbyholes, Lever Arch Cupboards, Folio Library Furniture, Bookcases and Book Trolleys, Tables, Tray Units, Cupboards, Laptop Storage, Plan Chests, Trolleys, Big Book Storage, Paper Storage, Wall Cupboards, The Ultimate System Office Tidy, Art Storage, DATA Safe, plus a range of registered brands including KubbyKurve, KubbyKraft, KubbyPlus etc.